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Dig Irrigation Timer

Introducing the perfect addition to your lawn care needs - the dig irrigation timer! This little guy is effectively adjustable to just about any height from the ground, and can easily be set to automatically adjust itself, ensuring that your water usage is consistent. Best of all, it's outfit with our actuator solar powered that will automatically adjust itself to the most ideal temperature,

Top Dig Irrigation Timer Features

The dig irrigation timer lawn sprinklers are the perfect tool for tossin' water in your lawn in under a minute! With this little tool, you can often get your lawn to in shape in just minutes without resorting to evo100 waterproof solar powered digital hose end timer.
this is a discontinued model and is no longer available.
the dig irrigation timer is perfect for lawn moisture meters and sprinklers! This unit timer's wyrindicator chip indicators your irrigating area status, such as size or type, and sets to counter-gpx water flow information in your mapping software.
the dig irrigation timer is available as a 1" or 2" model, and has a 34 or 1" anti-siphon valve. It comes with a manual valve actuator, so you can customize the timer to your specific needs.